Taxi Chiang Mai Airport to Mae Rim

Taxi Chiang Mai Airport to Mae Rim

October 28, 2019 0 By Team Chiang Mai Airport Transfer

Chiang Mae Overview:

Chiang Mai is a northern city of Thailand and it is the third-largest city after Bangkok. It has a high tourism rate because of its beautiful and famous ancient temples and also there is much more to see and do. It is a city in the mountains which gives a wonderful natural attraction to tourists and is a home of two tribal villages. Chiang Mai was founded back in 1296 as the capital city of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Today it is a place where past and the present merged with modern buildings standing side by side with ancient history. The climate of Chiang Mai is tropical savanna.

Get Taxi Chiang Mai Airport to Mae Rim:

Chiang Mai Airport:

Chiang Mai International Airport is an international airport, located about three kilometers southwest of the Old City. It is the main gateway to Northern Thailand, and right now the fourth busiest airport in the whole country. Chiang Mai International Airport is the main air hub linking northern Thailand with many different countries. The airport has two terminals, one is the domestic terminal and the other one is the international terminal. Both the terminals are in the same building. The arrival hall is found on the ground floor, while the second floor has a departure. Around 2.2 million passengers pass from Chiang Mai airport through each year.


Transportation is never a problem in Thailand and from Chiang Mai airport you have many options that how you want to continue your journey according to your budges. If you have a lot of luggage, a taxi is great option for you, either meter taxi or book from the airport taxi corner. There are also songtaews or tuk-tuks but to avail it you have to walk all the way to the main street from the airport and flag down one. The bus service is also available that departs every 20 minutes from the old city.

Mae Rim:

Mae Rim is a place located in the Chiang Mai district of Thailand. The district is divided into 11 sub districts, which are further subdivided into 91 villages. Now Mae Rim is increasingly becoming recognized for its stunning views and natural beauty. Visitors from all over the world are choosing Mae Rim and the Chiang Mai district for travel because of the elegance and serenity of this beautiful location.

Natural view:

The popular hilltop destination of Mon Chaem and the Four Seasons Resort offers stunning natural views from a mountaintop. It attracts tourists and they fall more love with Mae Rim district.


The total distance from Chiang Mai to Mae Rim is 15 km.


There are 7 ways to get from Chiang Mai Airport (CNX) to Mae Rim. These ways can be by bus, taxi, car, shuttle or town car. It’s up to you which suit you the best.


The shuttle takes around 21 minutes covering the distance of 20.1 kilometers to Mae Rim.


You have to take 2 buses to go from Chiang Mai airport to Mae Rim. The bus takes almost 51 minutes. The 1st bus from the Airport will take 26 minutes to reach Bangkok bank Chang Mai and from there the 2nd bus will depart to Mae Rim which will take 24 minutes.

Car Drive:

Car Drive from Chiang Mai Airport will take 21 minutes to reach Mae Rim. Car Drive means you can rent a car.


You can also book a town car if you are on a business trip. A town car is actually a limousine.


Taxi service is one of the most preferable services to avail from the airport because it is the quickest way to get from Mae Rim to Chiang Mai and the taxi costs $5 – $6 approx. and takes around 18 minutes.

There are two options for taxi service. One is a meter taxi and the other is the Airport Taxi.

Meter Taxi:

A metered taxi is the one that you can avail from outside the airport. When you will tell the destination they will let you know the cost before riding in it.

Airport Taxi:

There is a taxi corner on the first floor of the airport near the domestic terminal. You can tell the destination and after the taxi is booked they will provide you a chit on which the destination and price will be written. You will show the chit before riding in your assign car. The advantage of an airport taxi is that they are in good condition as compared with the taxi you avail of outside the airport. Their first priority is to provide you comfort and the driver also knows the English language. You can also book the airport taxi online to save your time from standing in the line.

Things to do in Mae Rim:

There are plenty of things to do in Mae Rim. Following are some of the best things to do in Mae Rim;

Mae Rim Elephant Sanctuary:

Mae Rim Elephant Sanctuary is a pleasant environment where elephants are “Loved and Respected”.  The Elephant roams freely there, it is a safe and beautiful environment. People can also pay a visit to that Sanctuary and spend time with the elephants and help the staff.

 Dara Pirom Palace Museum:

Dara Pirom Palace is a 19-century place from the last princess of the Lanna Kingdom.  The royal Dara Rasmee lived her days in that palace which is now an architectural landmark and it is now preserved for tourists to see how the Thai royals lived their life.

Mae Sa Waterfalls:

Mae Rim waterfalls are one of the most beautiful places to visit for tourists. The number of waterfalls are 10 in total and each has its own viewing platform. Natural swimming pools are also found there and, many tourists swim in it.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden:

Queen Sirkit Botanical Garden was named after the Queen of Thailand. The gardens include various glasshouses with incredible tropical plants and trees.

Mon Cham Hilltop View Restaurant:

Mon Cham Hilltop View Restaurant is famous for its best breathtaking view.

Tiger Kingdom:

The Tiger Kingdom is a very interesting place to see how the tiger lives. It is made to preserve tiger species.

Wat Pa Dara Phirom Temple:

It is one of the best temples in Thailand. The details inside the temple are mesmerizing. Not only tourists but the locals also visit the temple.

Eagle Track Zip-line:

Mae Rim is also not left in adventures. The Eagle zip lining is a must thing to do there.